Anti-Gun Group Demands Boycott of Hallmark over Neutral CEO: 'Not Choosing Is a Pro-Gun Choice'

National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) is calling for a boycott of Hallmark cards this Father's Day because Hallmark refuses to publicly support universal background checks.

According to NGVAC, when Hallmark chairman Donald R. Hall, Jr., was asked to publicly support universal background checks he said, "We do not get involved in divisive issues."

Because of this, and because Hallmark "does not require Gold Crown stores to ban guns," gun rights opponents say Hallmark is pro-gun and should therefore be boycotted.

NGVAC CEO Elliot Fineman illustrated his logic: "Clearly Hallmark is involved in this divisive issue because not choosing is a pro-gun choice."

Fineman then quoted a poll from February 7, 2013, and claimed 90 percent of Americans want universal background checks. 

Finally, NGVAC simply said, "Do not buy Hallmark cards for Father's Day."

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