Obama's Executive Order Bans Russian AK-47s, Parts for Russian AKs

Obama's July 16 executive order banning the importation of Russian-made AK-47s (Kalashnikov action) also bans the importation of Izhmash weaponry and "Saiga rifles and shotguns."

The Izhmash and Saiga firearms are included because of their use of Kalashnikov actions. 

On July 17, Breitbart News reported that executive order 13662 also contained sanctions on financial and energy sectors in Russia. 

But for gun owners, the big news is that 13662 not only bans the import of Russian-made AK-47s and guns that use the same action as those rifles, but also parts that are imported from Russia to repair those weapons.

According to The Shooter's Log, the good news is that Russian-made AK-47s purchased prior to the ban are legal to own and legal to shoot, and AK's made in countries other than Russia are still legal to import and purchase.

But until changes take place, executive order 13662 bars the importation of Russian-made AK47s--one of the greatest rifles ever made.

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