'I Want More' Obama Says After Signing the Veterans Affairs Bill

President Obama held a press conference at Fort Belvoir, Virginia to proudly highlight the bi-partisan Veterans Affairs bill that passed through congress before recess. Awkwardly, Obama praised the bill for fixing many of the problems that occurred in his administration.

During his speech, Obama explained that the bill passed congress with wide bi-partisan majorities. “[T]hat doesn’t happen often in Congress, he added. “It’s a good deal.”

Obama said that although Veterans were getting “world class care” at Veterans Affairs facilities, he recalled the scandal that hit his administration just months ago where administrators were caught “cooking the books” and veterans were suffering long waits for care.

“This is wrong, it was outrageous,” Obama said, vowing that the bill would help reform the agency and “investigations were ongoing.”

“If you engage in an unethical practice, if you cover up a serious problem, you should be fired. Period. It shouldn’t be that difficult," he stated.

Obama also chided the Senate for failing to confirm other Veterans Affairs nominees.

“The Senate doesn’t seem to move very fast,” he said, calling for them to confirm them as soon as they returned from recess.

While signing the bill, someone on the stage cracked a joke, asking him if he remembered how to sign them.

“Just barely, I don’t get enough practice,” Obama said. “I want more.”


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