Obama: Democrats Must Control Senate Because 'We're Going to Have Supreme Court Appointments'

Does President Barack Obama know if Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire during the next Congress?

On Monday, Obama said he needed Democrats to retain control of the Senate this year to help with his Supreme Court appointments in the next Congress.  

According to pool reports from a DSCC fundraiser on Martha's Vineyard, Obama said, "We're going to have Supreme Court appointments, and there are gonna be a whole host of issues that many people care about that are going to be determined" by which party controls the Senate.

Democrats have been clamoring for the liberal Ginsburg to resign so that Obama can appoint her successor. And Obama would be able to appoint a much more liberal justice if Democrats control the Senate.

As Reuters noted, Ginsburg, who is 81 years of age, has "previously told reporters that she wanted to remain on the court until she matches the tenure of Justice Louis Brandeis, who retired at 82 in 1939 after nearly 23 years on the court." She said she would take it "year by year" as she "nears that marker." Ginsburg will turn 82 in March of next year.

Ginsburg even rhetorically asked Joan Biskupic recently, "So tell me who the president could have nominated this spring that you would rather see on the court than me?" 

Obama has already appointed Justices Sonia Sotomayer and Elena Kagan to replace Justices David Souter and John Paul Stevens, respectively.


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