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Amid Multiple Crises, Obama to Spend Weekend at Camp David

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is foregoing his usual round of weekend golf at a Washington suburban military base. Instead, he and his family are choosing what is for them a rare woodland getaway: a weekend at the presidential mountaintop retreat of Camp David. 18 Jul 2014

Ted Cruz Joins Glenn Beck for 'Soccer Balls and Teddy Bears' Event; Mike Lee Drops Out

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will join Glenn Beck this weekend at the U.S.-Mexico border on what Beck describes as a humanitarian mission. The Tea Party Senator will join the radio talk show host and his followers in his effort to bring soccer balls and teddy bears to illegal immigrant children. Cruz, who told Breitbart News that the event is a statement against President Barack Obama's non-enforcement of immigration laws, said he will be doling out medical supplies. 18 Jul 2014

EPA Proposal Could Block Huge Alaska Mine

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed restrictions Friday that would essentially block development of a planned massive gold-and-copper mine near the headwaters of a world premier salmon fishery in Alaska. 18 Jul 2014

Scott Brown: Obama Policies 'Almost a Magnet' for Illegals

The unfolding illegal immigration crisis at the southern border is likely to change the political calculus of the fall midterm elections. Even in states far from the border, like New Hampshire, the situation is altering the political dynamics on the ground. Former MA Sen. Scott Brown, a moderate Republican, recently criticized his Democrat opponent NH Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Obama for supporting policies that created the crisis. 18 Jul 2014

Blue State Blues: Civil War Rages in Breakaway California Republics

EUREKA, Jefferson (July 18, 2018) -- Leaders of the breakaway Jefferson Republic say they thwarted a daring amphibious assault this morning, sinking three hovercraft and capturing a submersible drone emblazoned with the distinguishing insignia of the Hackers, the elite force of the Kingdom of Silicon Valley. 18 Jul 2014

Lesbian Sues Kansas City Catholic Diocese over Firing

A parish food pantry worker who was fired over her marriage to another woman sued the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph on Thursday, the latest in a growing number of clashes over gay rights between Roman Catholic leaders and their employees nationwide. 17 Jul 2014

Horowitz: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

We are a country that has successfully fought two world wars and can deploy our military assets anywhere in the world within hours. We are the country that landed human beings on the moon. Yet, the political class would have you believe that we are helpless in stopping an endless flow of illegal immigrants across our border. They would have you believe that we are the ones on defense; that we must accommodate the needs of these people and their robust legal and political support structure lest we face reprisal. 17 Jul 2014

Goodlatte, Chaffetz Introduce Another Border Crisis Bill

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is introducing legislation with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) to address the border crisis, a change in course for the powerful Judiciary Committee chairman who had previously focused on the actions President Obama could take under current law to stop the tens of thousands of illegal alien children streaming across the southern U.S. border.  17 Jul 2014

Boehner Not Optimistic About Border Bill

On Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said he was not optimistic that Congress can pass a bill before the August recess that deals with the border crisis. President Barack Obama has requested $3.7 billion to deal with the flood of illegal immigrant children that have been unlawfully entering the country. 17 Jul 2014

Boehner's Border Group Recommendations Don't Heed Cruz Call

A working group of lawmakers appointed by Speaker John Boehner submitted their final policy recommendations to him late Wednesday, which did not include language intended to prevent President Obama from expanding a unilateral amnesty for so-called DREAMers, a member of the group told Breitbart News. 17 Jul 2014

Albany VA Reportedly Gave Patients Salt Water Shots Instead of Morphine

Tales of Veterans Affairs hospital whistle-blowers are mounting and the story of an Albany nurse is becoming depressingly familiar. One of the worst aspects of this tale, despite how this nurse was treated after becoming a whistle-blower, was the allegation that sick soldiers were given a salt water mixture instead of the morphine they needed for their pain. 17 Jul 2014

Glenn Beck: 'Not My Intent' to Entice More Illegal Immigrants

Glenn Beck said that even if passing out teddy bears and soccer balls to illegal immigrant children entices more parents in Central American to send their children to the U.S., it was never his "intent" to lure more illegal immigrant children to unlawfully enter the country or put more children in danger. 17 Jul 2014

Justice Dept. Investigating Missing IRS Emails

The Justice Department is investigating the circumstances behind the disappearance of emails from a former senior Internal Revenue Service official, part of a broader criminal inquiry into whether the agency had targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, according to congressional testimony released Wednesday. 17 Jul 2014


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