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In Attempt To Disprove Story Showing He Fabricated Military Record, Gary Peters Gives Documents To Daily Beast Proving He Lied

Michigan Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) accidentally proved to the Daily Beast he lied on his campaign website and on the campaign trail about his military record as part of an effort to disprove a Breitbart News investigation—and the Daily Beast’s Tim Mak fell hook, line and sinker for the Peters’ campaign’s spin despite being provided with evidence by Peters that Peters lied. 13 Oct 2014

Michigan's Gary Peters Resorts to War on Women Attack Ad in Face Of Questions About Fabricated Military Record

Michigan Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) has launched a new advertisement that falsely claims GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land wants to cut women’s access to various female health services. The new ad comes as Peters and his campaign have completely publicly ignored an investigation by Breitbart News into Peters’ military background, in which documents and interviews with military leaders—including one of Peters’ former commanding officers—have shown that he fabricated much of his service record for political gain on the campaign trail. 13 Oct 2014

Traditional Marriage Backers Must Put up a Better Fight

If you are even slightly sympathetic to the cause of traditional marriage, you cannot help but be disturbed by its string of recent defeats. Not just in referendums and legislatures, where the contest is basically a fair one, but in the courts, which have canceled out the increasingly rare victories traditional marriage has won. You are left to conclude that the political game is rigged, and also--increasingly--that advocates for traditional marriage have barely put up a real fight. 13 Oct 2014

Chicago Violence Kills Two, Wounds Eight

For the first time this season, Chicago experienced cool temperatures over the whole weekend, and while cooler temps don’t always coincide with fewer shootings, this weekend's violence was relatively light with two killed and only eight wounded. 13 Oct 2014

T Minus 22: GOP Opens Big Leads on Critical Issues

A new Gallup survey shows the GOP opening up big leads on four critical issues voters say are most important this election. Republicans enjoy an 11-point advantage over Democrats on handling the economy, the issue foremost on voters' minds. The GOP edge mirrors a similar advantage it enjoyed heading into the 2010 elections. It is the clearest sign that a late-stage wave may be building for Republicans. 13 Oct 2014

Colorado Student Rally Taken Over by Democrat Organizers

On Saturday a rally that had been organized by Jeffco Students for Change and hoped to fire up further student opposition to the conservative-led Jefferson County (JeffCo), Colorado board of education, was poorly-attended and mostly by adults who attempted to turn it into a Democrat organizing event. 13 Oct 2014

65% of Democrats Believe They Will Hold Senate

A Gallup poll finds that 65% of Democratic voters remain confident their party will maintain control of the U.S. Senate--a position that may spell shock and disappointment if new statistical projections prove accurate.  13 Oct 2014

T Minus 22: Dems Fear Turnout As GOP Odds Improve

In the Obama-era, the Democrat party has become overly dependent on minorities, single women and young voters. Without abnormally high turnout among these voters, Democrat candidates face long odds on election night. Unfortunately for Democrats, these are the least reliable voters to turn out. As the theory of the midterms becomes reality, expect GOP odds of victory to increase. 13 Oct 2014

Teen's Killer Taunts Victim's Mother at Sentencing Hearing

Convicted killer John Wilson, Jr. murdered 14-year-old Brenda O’Laughlin when she walked in on him during a robbery of her parent's suburban Chicago home in 2011, but his abuse of the O'Laughlin family isn't over. At his sentencing hearing last week Wilson taunted the family once more. 13 Oct 2014

US Slips to 12th in Economic Freedom

A new report of "economic freedom" around the world finds the US ranked 12th among 152 countries, tied with the United Kingdom, and lower than neighbor Canada or Australia. The index, published by the Cato Institute and Canada's Fraser Institute, has been published since 1996. As recently as 2000, the US ranked 2nd in the world, in terms of boasting a free economy. The US's declining ranking will lower future economic growth. 12 Oct 2014

T Minus 23: GOP Pumps $1 Million Into South Dakota Defense

Late Friday, the NRSC, the campaign arm of the Senate Republicans, announced it was pouring $1 million into South Dakota to shore up GOP candidate Mike Rounds, long considered the presumptive front-runner for the seat. The move matches an earlier decision by Senate Democrats to aggressively contest the seat in South Dakota. The late moves are a parable for the underwhelming Republican performance this election. 12 Oct 2014

Stepped-Up Ebola Screening Starts at NYC Airport

Customs and health officials began taking the temperatures of passengers arriving at New York's Kennedy International Airport from three West African countries on Saturday in a stepped-up screening effort meant to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus. 12 Oct 2014

CDC Did Not Consider Second Ebola Victim 'High-Risk'

According to the Washington Post, the embattled Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did not consider America's second Ebola patient "high risk" and had followed all the CDC's precautions "including a gown, gloves, mask and protective face shield." 12 Oct 2014

BREAKING: Second U.S. Ebola Victim

A Texas health care worker who helped the nation's first Ebola victim, the now-deceased Thomas Eric Duncan, has tested positive for the deadly virus, health officials announced on Sunday. 12 Oct 2014


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