Jack Bauer Died Monday Night and Bush Derangement Syndrome Killed Him

**If you TiVo there are Spoilers**

Who are you and what have you done with Jack Bauer? That’s what I wanted to scream at the pod person who starred on “24” last Monday. When the conservative creators of the show left and liberals took over, I was apprehensive. But by and large, the quality of the program kept up. I snorted, of course, when a bad character was threatened with torture by other bad guys. She was hauled into a medieval chamber filled with pincers, hot pokers and iron maidens. Then she was strapped down, a washcloth was draped over her mouth… and she was water boarded. Oy. Then, a week ago, Jack murdered her in cold blood, not to get information… she’d already been terrified into offering up the info… but just because he felt like it.



But this week the writers went too far. Bauer tortures a bad guy horribly… and enjoys it. In the next room a woman can be heard screaming, “No. No. He’s a human being!” Bauer uses pliers and a blow torch. The guy screams horribly but refuses to give up. Bauer steps aside and mutters to himself, “This isn’t working.” Then, realizing that the terrorist (my word, not theirs) has probably swallowed what Bauer needs, he guts him like a fish, plunges his hand into the dying man's stomach and retrieves the cell phone pad or whatever the hell it was.

This season’s writers are dramatizing what they’ve always believed: that what Bauer has been doing for eight seasons was always wrong, and that his behavior this year is the inevitable outcome, that he has, like America under Bush, become completely de-humanized. I’ve watched every episode of “24” ever aired and then bought the season DVDs. I won’t watch the remaining three.

Jack is dead. The show is over. I can forgive the pseudo-intellectual left a lot, but not this. Dicking with the only primetime show I ever watched all the way through! Why not put their own dumb stuff on. But no, they had to ruin mine.


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