Whom Do You Believe: HBO or Secret Service?

HBO and the creators of the anti-Palin fairy tale called “Game Change” not only filled their attack film with misinformation, half-truths and outright lies, they also exposed themselves by leaving in an ugly slander that has already been investigated and debunked by the United States Secret Service over three years ago.

Breitbart News has acquired a preview copy of the HBO TV film scheduled to be released this Saturday by the cable giant, and we can reveal to you today that it includes one of the most egregious and irresponsible slanders to Sarah Palin and to the American voters who support her.

At the 97:00 mark, leftist actor Ed Harris, who portrays John McCain, makes a critical speech to his campaign advisers as they urge him to go after Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his connection to Sen. Barack Obama.

McCain delivers a passionate speech blaming the 2000 George Bush campaign for his hesitation to “go negative” against Obama, (yes friends, THAT was Bush’s fault, too) when he turns to each of them and says, “There is a dark side to American populism, some people win elections by tapping into it.

His advisers urge him to at least put Obama’s connection to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers on the table and McCain reluctantly agrees. What follows is a critical sequence showing Julianne Moore as Palin, delivering stump speech after stump speech to screaming, adoring fans where she reminds them that Sen. Obama had his career launched “in Bill Ayers’ living room, palling around with terrorists.”

The montage that follows, at the 97:43 mark, shows Gov. Palin bouncing from one speech to another whipping the all-white, trucker hat wearing, American flag-waving crowds into a hate-filled frenzy. The editors show that incendiary signs begin showing up at McCain-Palin rallies (We want a REAL American for President - 98:25) and random white, racist fore-fathers of the Tea Party movement shout out “terrorist” at the mere mention of Obama’s name.

Kill Him

With dramatic, foreboding background music, and lighting that looks like a horror film -- a dignified and respected McCain addresses one of these racists crowds that has been whipped up into a murderous frenzy by Palin. “He’s a Muslim!” “He’s a socialist!” Scream the ignorant haters at his campaign rally.

Then, at 99:08, you hear a disembodied voice scream out, “Kill him!” Cut to Woody Harrelson portraying McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt, looking horrified, disgusted and ashamed that he had sullied the reputation of our greatest American by forever linking him to Palin and the hate-filled racists she attracts, nay, encourages.

Dramatic, huh? And a clever way for the media elite in Hollywood to explain how their favorite Republican, John McCain, was turned into the bete noir of the 2008 campaign. It wasn’t his fault, you see, it was that stupid, hate-monger Palin who made him look bad.

The “kill him!” legend began with Dana Millbank at the Washington Post on October 6. Milbank reported that an unnamed voice screamed from the crowd, “kill him!” at the mention of Bill Ayers, NOT Barack Obama.

But the legend grew and was linked and repeated by blogs and journalists all the way up (down?) to Frank Rich at the New York Times who transformed the target of the unsubstantiated “kill him!” report from Ayers to candidate Obama.

At the time of the allegation, Obama had a Secret Service detail assigned to him and these folks don’t take a death threat reported in the New York Times lightly. They investigated it and found: "The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded."

It takes a lot of of nerve to let your myopic hatred of Palin, and the passionate Americans who supported her in 2008, blind you to reality in such a way that you freely allow a legend that has been shot down in such a thorough way to make its way into your already slanted and cartoon-like portrayal of one of the most complex women in our country. But that’s what these people have done.

Actually, I take that back. This took no nerve at all. They figured everyone, at this point, knew for a fact that Palin rallies in 2008 were nothing short of Klan meetings without the hoods. After all, those are the same scary, everyday Americans who gave birth to the racist, hate-filled Tea Party movement.

Yes, “Game Change” proves again that the left’s hatred of Palin, and the American’s who don’t hate her, throws them into such a blind rage that their lies, no matter how easily debunked, are justified as long as it meets the noble end of stopping that dangerous woman from Wasilla.

And now you know everything you need to know about “Game Change.”

Do yourself a favor, go see “Act of Valor” again this weekend.


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