Box Office Predictions: 'Engagement' Battles for Rom-Com Supremacy

For those of who have been stuck at the office, Master Iron Fist has scoured the film archives and shares clips of "How To React At Work" when faced with frustrating scenarios. Thankfully, the summer movie season is upon us to lift the mood. Looking at this weekend's predictions ...

Before "The Avengers" effectively steals the world next week, this weekend looks to be a battle for romantic comedy supremacy (if there is such a title) ...

This weekend's predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. The Five-Year Engagement ($19 Million) - It's easy to get lost in the shuffle with the start of the summer movie season next week. "Engagement" does post some "Bridesmaids" pedigree which will help it strive for a "No Strings Attached"-like opening. Still, no promises, with buzz on the film only lukewarm at best.

2. Think Like A Man ($17 Million) - Last week's breakout winner will remain strong and could even challenge "Five-Year Engagement" if the weekend falls its way. Impressive results for a film that only cost $12 million to produce.

3. The Pirates: Band Of Misfits ($14 Million) - Aardman Animation films usually open mid-range and this one will be no exception. Many families are sitting this weekend out to prepare for next weeks "The Avengers." That hurts this film's chances of a breakout opening.

4. The Hunger Games ($13 Million) - Film returns to IMAX screens this weekend which will give it a significant boost. "Games" remains right in line with "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part Two" in terms of domestic box office earned. Very impressive considering most of "Harry Potter's" larger numbers came much later in the franchise's sequels. "Games," on the other hand, is pulling such numbers at the franchise start.

5. The Lucky One ($12.4 Million) - Look for a drop in line with previous Nicholas Sparks-based projects on their second weekend. Although this one has considerable more competition for date audiences with "Five-Year Engagement," and "Think Like A Man" in the fold.

Bonus Calls:

Jason Statham's "Safe" will open around $9.8 million while John Cusack's "The Raven" will end with $8.5 million.

That's Sensei's view. Love your thoughts.


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