Ellen Barkin Sneers at Breitbart's Death

Actress Ellen Barkin likes to pose as a thoughtful, sophisticated political pundit on Twitter, but her hate-filled rants keep getting in the way.

Barkin's latest trash talk involves late Internet guru Andrew Breitbart. Here's what Barkin had to say about the devoted husband and father of four:

Every1knows Breitbart died from Peruvian Flu *snert* " Wow really did not know that. Explains the crazy.


The "Sea of Love" star went on to trash those who disagree with her world view as "evil assholes" and "pro murder," among other colorful invectives. Like her fellow hate Tweeter Roseanne Barr, Barkin later pretended she didn't actually type what she typed.

Here's her pathetic attempt to spin her actual words regarding Breitbart's death into something less vicious:

1st of all I did not "mock" his or any1's death...I leave that 2 ur team then I rec u watch Utube vids of Briebart.Terrifying


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