Mega Producer Guber on Obama's First Term: President 'Didn't Face [Problems] Too Good'

Movie producer Peter Guber is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the past three decades, including "Batman," "The Color Purple" and "Rain Man."

So when Guber says Hollywood's Obama Fever has broken, it means something.

"Even the most ardent supporters [in Hollywood] have said, 'Yeah the first term was not exactly a stellar performance.' It wasn't really a win-win," Guber said....

They expected this person was going to to be a "Magic Man," that somehow he was going to cure all the ills of the country.

Certainly that was the promise that was inherent in what he was saying and he was just a man. and he was a first termer, and he hadn't run a big business and he hadn't run a company as large as this.

And suddenly he had all these monstrous and challenging problems for anyone and he didn't face them all too good....

They have questions on whether this will really change in the second term. Will it be more of the same? Can he really solve what he couldn't solve in the first term in the second term?


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