Box Office Predictions: 'Zero' Stands Tall Against One Tough 'Mama'

Last week, Sensei did very well on the calls. Easily one of the best in the nation. Please note that all of the following predictions are four-day (Fri-Mon) because of the holiday weekend.

Sensei's weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. Zero Dark Thirty ($20 million) - Film looks set to make a The Help-like run, that drama pulled two 20+ weekends out of the gate. I see the same for Zero, which also has the long holiday weekend to help get it there.

2. Mama ($18.2 million)  - A lot of hype, but critical reviews so far are mixed. That puts it more in range with a The Possession-like opening (around $17 million). I'll give it a slight bump for the holiday weekend.

3. Broken City ($16 million) - Sensei was one of the few to correctly call Contraband winning this weekend last year. That film's star, Mark Wahlberg, returns but is without co-star Kate Beckinsale (who's very strong in January releases). That factor alone will make a weekend win very difficult.

4. The Last Stand ($14 million) - Most predictors are saying the film won't even break the $10 million mark this weekend. In Sensei's words, "they will all be dead wrong." Arnold Schwarzenegger has a considerable built-in audience, and the film's marketing has been fun. Look for Stand to beat most, if not all, box office projections.

5. Silver Linings Playbook ($12.5 million) - Will it get a boost from its recent Oscar nominations? Not really. Has emerging newcomer Jennifer Lawrence in a buzz surrounded role? That's more like it. For this reason, film will do very well of its theater expansion to take a top five spot.

In other calls:

Look for A Haunted House, to fall out of the top five altogether. Gangster Squad, will also take the "fall out of the top five" dirt nap.

That's Sensei's calls.


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