'Hawaii Five-O' Squeezes Anti-Gun Sermon into Latest Episode

Last night's episode of Hawaii Five-O featured one of the show's characters going on a rant against "gun nuts" and the lack of both strict gun regulations and a pervasive, privacy-invading registration process.

Later in the same episode, the character apologized for lacking a warrant to review records of owners of post office boxes because it is an invasion of their right to privacy.

The episode, titled Hookman, is a remake of the 1973 fan favorite from the original Jack Lord series. The story featured a double amputee who lost his hands in the commission of a crime decades ago who later takes revenge against members of the Hawaii Police Department that put him in jail.

But this year's model was not a carbon copy of the original. Unlike the 1973 episode, this version let one of the characters go on a tirade against guns, gun laws and gun owners.

In the original episode, one of the clues left by the killer was a rifle with a golden plaque affixed to it bearing the name of the policeman slain by the killer. In the new one, however, the clue was a rifle shell casing with the name engraved on it. In the original, Lord's Officer McGarrett went to a plaque-maker's shop to try and find out to whom the proprietor sold the item. In the remake, the team went to a local gun shop to try and chase down the shell casing. This alteration in the original script specifically set today's character up for his anti-gun rant.

Officer Danny "Danno" Williams (Scott Caan) accompanied Officer McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) to the gun shop and, as McGarrett questioned the proprietor of the gun shop, Williams began to harass, dismiss and ridicule the shop owner as a "gun nut."

McGarrett asked the shop owner if he kept records of all the ammunition he sold and, of course, the shop owner said no. The fact is there are no regulations anywhere in the USA--continental or otherwise--for ammunition sales to be so thoroughly recorded. A real cop would know this, so a real "McGarrett" would never have asked the question in the first place. But "real" wasn't of interest here. The goal was to set Williams up for an anti-gun tirade.

After the shop owner said he didn't have the asked-for records and didn't want to keep such records to add to the mountain of federal forms he already had to fill out, Williams snidely said, "why would we want that?" Why would we want to be able to have enough records to track "gun nuts," he barked.

"Idiots with guns kill people," Williams said before wrapping his anti-Second Amendment sermon: "No guns, no killing it's that simple."

Yeah. Simple.

Who cares about privacy of gun owners? And that Constitution? Bah!

Yet, a little later in the same episode, the same character was apologetic to the owner of a storefront P.O. Box rental shop about violating the privacy of owners of post office boxes when, without a warrant, his partner broke into a file box with addresses and names of renters trying to find the killer. That was apparently an invasion of privacy as far as "Danno" was concerned.

So, privacy and civil rights for post office box renters, but none for gun owners? Picking and choosing which rights they want to allow people to have, that's the liberal way.

The original episode won an Emmy in 1974 for Best Music Composition. CBS posted the original on its website, so if you want to watch Lord's Hawaii Five-O episode co-starring James MacArthur as Danny Williams, and guest starring Jay J. Armes as the killer, it is there for your nostalgic trip back to 1973.


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