Bill Maher Takes a Page from the Confederate States' Constitution

Left-wing comic Bill Maher has a new idea, something he feels will fix the mess the United States is in.

Dump the possible two-term Presidency and replace it with a single, six-year term ... just like the President of the Confederate States of America. Maher thought avoiding the usual mess of scandal and failure so often seen during that second term curse could be eliminated with but one, longer term.

"Why not give presidents one six-year term where they don’t have to worry about re-election or raising money or anything but trying to pass the test of history? Especially since they really only have six years anyway, and then the next election starts," Maher said on his cable TV show.

So, where have we heard this idea before?

To quote from the Constitution of the Confederate States of America:

Article II., Section I.

The executive power shall be vested in a President of the Confederate States of America. He and the Vice President shall hold their offices for the term of six years; but the President shall not be re-eligible.

Well, then. Looks like Maher is signing up for the "Lost Cause," eh?


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