Box Office Predictions: 'Snitch,' 'Dark Skies' Won't Catch up to Melissa McCarthy's 'Thief'

After last weekend's tally of new releases, this weekend's winner is anyone's guess.

Sensei's weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. "Identity Thief " ($12.7 million) - I don't see any of the new releases taking the top spot, making this weekend the battle of previous releases. Whoever has the best hold from last weekend wins. Right now, that looks to be Identity Thief.

2. "A Good Day to Die Hard" ($11.8 million) - Buzz is only lukewarm. While nowhere near a flop (just ask Bullet To The Head and The Last Stand about that), film doesn't have the audience support seen in previous franchise entries. Expect a big drop here from last weekend's opening.

3. "Snitch" ($11.4 million) - The stronger of the film's two major releases (the other, Dark Skies, I don't see making the top five). Going with a Mechanic-like opening here considering how both films relied heavily on their single action star.

4. "Safe Haven" ($10.2 million) - Sorry guys, for those who weren't dragged to this Nicholas Sparks film last week, now's your turn.

5. "Escape From Planet Earth" ($8.4 million) - Will grab some younger audiences. Film will struggle just to recoup its $40 million dollar production budget domestically. Don't expect high results in future weeks either.

In other calls:

Look for Dark Skies to only gross around $7 million. Silver Linings Playbook will break the $100 million domestic mark, chalking up another box office feat for Jennifer Lawrence. She's now easily set up to be the year's most successful box office actress.

That's Sensei's calls. Have a great weekend.


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