Trailer Talk: 'The East' Serves Up More Cinematic Corporate Bashing

Corporations take it on the chin--again--in the upcoming indie drama The East.

The film, which co-stars Brit Marling, Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard, concerns an Anonymous-style group targeting companies that behave rather badly.

Marling, who serves as the film's co-writer screenwriter, plays an agent who goes undercover in a terrorist eco-group only to develop feelings for its charismatic leader (Skarsgard).

The film highlights several eeeevil corporations which pollute our lands and commit other atrocities, and the intrepid (and scruffy) members of The East give them a taste of their own meds.

Apparently, the feature-length corporate bashing was too much even for liberal film critics like Jordan Hoffman of

My main beef with the film is the somewhat facile attitude toward big fat corporations. Come on, every single one of them is poisoning us? I’m cool with The East believing that, but not so sure about “The East” believing that.

The East arrives in theaters, even those run by corporations, May 31.


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