Bette Midler Accuses Koch Bros. of Trying to Stifle Minority Voters

Bette Midler is spending the days before the Fourth of July blasting the left's favorite target.

Midler, who routinely uses her Twitter account to bash conservatives, outdid herself today when she accused the Koch brothers of un-American impulses.

The veteran performer didn't offer any links or proof for her statement. She just fired away as if all her followers would nod silently in agreement.

Bette Midler tweet

The Supreme Court recently struck down part of the Voting Rights Act, a 50-plus year old piece of legislation which hardly applies to minority rights issues in 2013. One could suppose Midler is blaming the Koch brothers for the court's ruling, as if they were pulling the strings behind the scenes like wicked puppetmasters.

Midler also cracked on social media that the holiday break would give Justice Clarence Thomas time to rest his vocal cords.


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