Adam Carolla Defends Gun Owners, Mocks Canadian Jim Carrey for Criticizing 'Our Principles'

With his career in a free-fall, Jim Carrey apologized to gun owners for his comments that caused a firestorm in March and beyond.

Carrey apologized via a tweet addressed to "Assit rifle fans"--which must refer to National Rifle Association fans--he then continued: "I do not agree with u, nor do I fear u but I do love u and I'm sorry that in my outrage I called you names. That was wrong."

Appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, Adam Carolla responded by pointing out that Carrey is from Canada, and Carolla asked why people from other countries move here and criticize "our principles?"

The podcast king asked what would happen "if we sent Larry the Cable Guy to Winnipeg to bug the crap out of Canadians. How fast would they get sick of that?" He observed, "We have all these world travelers like Bono, and then they come here and they beat up on our principles, and they should just go back from where they came."

Carolla then returned to talking about Carrey, saying the comic actor "is making an example of how responsible rifle owners [actually] are simply by the fact that no one has tried to shoot him."

He clarified by saying "the fact that Carrey is calling [gun owners] irresponsible and the fact that no one has taken at shot at him, kinda makes their argument. Maybe they are a little more responsible than he [said]."

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