'Gravity' Director Says Sandra Bullock Should Have Worn Diapers for Accuracy's Sake

The hit 2013 film Gravity sure looks like an authentic depiction of space travel to the lay person.

It's not, of course. The film massages reality to heighten the tension felt when two astronauts experience severe technical issues during a space expedition.

Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron understands the need to balance reality with dramatic tension. It also helps to keep your leading lady looking as attractive as possible.

Star Sandra Bullock is seen floating in space with little clothing in several sequences. In reality, an astronaut in her position would be wearing something a bit less figure flattering.

The funny thing in all of these things — nobody has picked up on the most obvious one," he said. "And that is that when Sandra takes off her astronaut suit, she would be wearing an adult diaper. And obviously, we chose not to do that.

"Why? Well, for one basic reason, he added.

"It’s a movie. It’s a movie!" he exclaimed.


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