'True Detective' Draws Raves, Higher Ratings than HBO's 'Girls'

The HBO original series True Detective gets a fraction of the press Girls receives despite the presence of two major movie stars and consistently higher ratings.

The show's quality presentation and time-shifting appeal may start to change that.

Sunday night's episode, Who Goes There, featured an extended tracking shot Time.com dubbed a "tour de force."

True Detective is obviously, even more than most HBO shows, a series that aims to challenge the movies, from its style to its casting. But this bravura scene doesn’t feel like a gimmick for the sake of being “cinematic.” Rather, the difficulty built into the shooting challenge–the chaos, the frenzy, the feeling that everything could go off the rails–directly served the story in “Who Goes There.

A Houston-based blogger for The Houston Chronicle said, "If you haven’t been watching HBO’s True Detective, you are making a big mistake." 

The eight-episode series, which stars Oscar nominees Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, already has earned a second season.


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