Seth Rogen Gets Serious While Testifying Before Senate Committee About Alzheimer's Disease

Seth Rogen looked surprised to find himself testifying before a Senate committee earlier today.

The comic star of Knocked Up and Pineapple Express might be the last actor one would expect in such a setting, a fact not lost on him.

Rogen did crack wise a time or two before sharing his personal stories of loved ones who had Alzheimer's Disease. His mother in law suffers from the condition, and Rogen's testimony shared how his family is dealing with the matter.

After forgetting who she and her loved one were," Rogen told the panel about his mother-in-law's struggles. "She forgot how to speak, feed herself, dress herself, all by age of 60...."

"I came here today for few reasons," he testified. "One, I'm a huge 'House of Cards' fan. ... Two, people need more help. I've personally witnessed the massive amount of financial strain this disease causes. ... Three, to show people they are not alone, so few people share their personal stories.

In addition to the testimony, Rogen helped create Hilarity for Charity which helps share information with teens about Alzheimer's.


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