Barney Frank Doesn't Have Problem with Alec Baldwin's Anti-Gay Outbursts

Former Congressman Barney Frank says he has no problem with actor Alec Baldwin's recent homophobic outbursts.

Frank, the openly gay politician, happened to be sharing a stage with Baldwin when he was asked a question about the actor's track record of ugly public comments.

The two teamed up to promote Compared to What, a sympathetic documentary on Frank's political career being screened Sunday in New York City.

A journalist from Buzzfeed asked for Frank's reaction to Baldwin's past rants, which included nasty comments aimed at a former aide to Gov. Mitt Romney. Does that have an impact on his LGBT bona fides?

First of all, each of us is perfectly capable of talking for himself,” Frank said. “The notion that when you appear in some common forum with someone that you’re each adopting the other’s views, no I don’t pay much attention to that. And secondly, Mr. Baldwin is perfectly capable of explaining himself, but I don’t have any problem with it at all.”

Baldwin, also invited to respond by BuzzFeed, jumped in as Frank was finishing his remarks.

“And if I could answer that question in the prism of promoting the film, I’ll let you know, I’ll get back to you,” Baldwin said. “But we’re here to promote the film.


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