Hate Mail from the Wendy Greuel Campaign

Earlier this week, Breitbart News published an article handicapping the field for "Hollywood's congressional primary," offering odds on the frontrunners in the race to replace retiring Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA). We included former Los Angeles Controller (and former DreamWorks employee) Wendy Greuel among the top five among 18 candidates, with 10-to-1 odds of finishing in the top two and qualifying for the November runoff.

That wasn't good enough for Greuel's campaign manager, Michael Trujillo, who sent this email Thursday:

From: Michael Trujillo [redacted]

Date: May 29, 2014, 9:47:59 PM EDT

To: [Joel Pollak]

Subject: Thanks for the 10:1 odds


I suppose when we are in the run-off you will give us the headline saying we are the campaign with all the "momentum" in the general. 

Hope your editor is willing to give us a huge headline for your huge mistake on analysis.


Trujillo is evidently unaware that 10-to-1 odds are actually not too bad, in gambling terms. (The best odds went to State Sen. Ted Lieu, with 5-to-2 odds of making the primary.)

The number was chosen to indicate that Greuel is in the hunt, but that she is not a favorite--for various reasons, including the large number of Democrats and a strong rival female candidate.

Perhaps Trujillo has seen data showing Greuel doing far better in the polls than the data Breitbart News has seen. The Greuel campaign had declined, however, to share any data--even off the record--with us. In any event, the proof will be in the returns on Tuesday evening. 

Yet what is most disturbing about the Greuel campaign's response to the article is how thin-skinned they appear to be. And it takes chutzpah to call your shot in this race.

Notably, Trujillo is a senior member of Hillary Clinton's election team. Here's how L.A. Observed describes him:

Another key member of the new Greuel team is campaign manager Michael Trujillo, who also worked on Villaraigosa campaigns and on Greuel's mayoral race. Trujillo is currently a senior adviser to Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that is pushing Hillary Rodham Clinton for president. Trujillo was Clinton’s statewide field director in California, North Carolina and Texas in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Also, it turns out he has a history of nasty e-mails. 

The Clintons are notorious for being hostile to bad press. But there is a difference between dressing down a journalist in an off-the-record conversation and doing so over e-mail. The former is heavy-handed; the latter is just stupid. 

"[D]o whatever you want, you wrote this analysis, enjoy owning it," Trujillo wrote in a subsequent e-mail. 

No problem. Greuel and Clinton clearly own this model of behavior towards the press and the public.


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