Jon Stewart: What If Open Carry Demonstrator Gets Shot By Stand Your Ground Follower?

During the June 5 airing of the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart mocked the NRA for apologizing for calling Open Carry Texas (OCT) demonstrations "weird," then asked what will happen when an OCT participant walks into a business with his AK-47 and is shot by a law-abiding gun owner following "stand your ground" rules?

According to The Wrap, here's how Stewart presented it: "You know the one group that we haven't really heard from in this scenario are the people that witness these open carry demonstrations. How do they feel?"

The camera then cut to a witness who said, "it scared me seeing them--they have guns. I don't know if they know how to use [them], I don't know if they have bad intentions."

Stewart then said: "That was a good point." He said participants in the open carry demonstrations may know they are good guys with guns, but everybody else has no idea. He said this brings us to "a Mexican standoff--the intersection of open carry road and stand your ground place." 

He suggested the result of this intersection could be an armed confrontation between a law-abiding concealed carry permit holder and an open carry demonstrator. 

It's a "shootout at the Golden Corral."

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