Mark Wahlberg Embraces Military, Becomes Hollywood's Next Big Action Star

This weekend will not only bring huge box office numbers, it marks the launch of Hollywood's next action hero. It goes to show just how far a career can go.

Mark Wahlberg left behind his days with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch to become Hollywood's next "go to" talent on action projects. With Transformers: Age of Extinction set to storm theaters Friday, the actor' rise will soon be complete. So just how did he excel to this level?

Simple, by heroically supporting military troops and families.

In many ways, Wahlberg's career has been quite impressive. He starred in box office hits: The Italian Job, Planet of the Apes (2001), Invincible and The Departed, only to come crashing back to earth with Shooter (which greatly disappointed at the box office). He then rebounded with Contraband and Ted.

His best career move came earlier this year with Lone Survivor. Not only did he take the lead role, he lead an effort to help military soldiers and their families through the Wounded Warrior Project. This unabashed support of U.S. military personnel through Lone Survivor's narrative, and in public view, has given him an extra edge few actors ever see.

Let's face it, most of Hollywood's stock in actors (the Matt Damons of the world) are more prone to criticizing U.S. military servicemen rather than embrace them. It's refreshing to see an actor take the opposite route, and Wahlberg will be well rewarded with his appearance in Transformers (a franchise that continues to honor U.S. military men and women quite well under franchise director Michael Bay).

As the phrase goes in Hollywood, "numbers don't lie." Wahlberg will pull the biggest box office opening of his career with Transformers, and will become Hollywood's next big action star. His service in supporting our military will also give him staying power in theaters.

In a time where many action stars find their box office stock dwindling, Wahlberg has found a way to heighten his to historic levels. With any luck, this could start a new trend of future action stars standing side by side with our military heroes.

What a trend what would be, and more great moments like these.


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