Bill Maher: Drugs Are Good, Religion Is Bad and Obama is 'a Drop-Dead Atheist'

Bill Maher may think President Barack Obama is doing a "fantastic" job in the White House despite all evidence to the contrary, but the liberal comic isn't sold on the president's religious bona fides.

In short, Maher thinks Obama is making it all up.

Maher chatted with like-minded comic Jon Stewart on Monday's edition of The Daily Show. The subject of religion somehow came up, allowing Maher to tell the country what he really thinks of Obama's spiritual side.

Continuing with religion in American politics, Maher said, “You know who’s a liar about this, is Obama.”“Obama is always spouting spiritual bullshit and I don’t believe it for a second,” he continued. “He’s a drop-dead atheist, absolutely.”

After Stewart pointed out that Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago for years, Maher shot back, “He joined, but he never went. He joined because it was politically necessary.”

Maher also continued his assault on religion, joking that his political platform if he ever ran for office would be, "drugs are good and religion is bad."

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