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Supporting GamerGate Does Not Make You a Bully

When reports came out last weekend of developer Brianna Wu receiving death threats over Twitter, the gaming media renewed its attacks on the GamerGate movement labeling it a hate group trying to drive women from the gaming industry. When Anita Sarkeesian canceled a planned speech at Utah State University over anonymous death threats, the backlash against GamerGate built to a roar in stories across the national mainstream press. 17 Oct 2014

'The Hot Zone' Ebola TV Series in the Works

Producer Lynda Obst and director-producer Ridley Scott plan to bring the Ebola pandemic to life in a limited FOX television series adapted from Richard Preston's 1994 best-seller entitled The Hot Zone. 17 Oct 2014

Kristen Stewart, Please Meet the Families of James Foley and Steven Sotloff

Wars aren’t just fought on the battlefield. They are fought in the court of public opinion… and what influences public opinion? Culture. Celebrity. Kristen Stewart… with her millions upon millions of young fans who, I dare to say, are most likely not tracking the advance of ISIS. Millions upon millions who have no real understanding as to the intentions of America’s enemies. So when Bella from Twilight humanizes those who want to kill Americans, it matters. 17 Oct 2014

Daily Beast Attacks Breitbart over Kristen Stewart Interview Story

Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast seems to be upset with a piece on Breitbart's Big Hollywood, claiming the article is part of a right-wing smear campaign against actress Kristen Stewart for comments she made about how badly the US is prosecuting the War on Terror. But in claiming Breitbart was "insane" and just "trolling," Stern himself stretched the truth. 17 Oct 2014

Bundled Cable Deathwatch: CBS Offers Live-Streaming Service

Just one day after news broke that HBO would go over-the-top with a live-streaming service, the evil that is bundled cable received another potential death blow with an announcement from CBS that the network would offer its own live-streaming subscription service. 16 Oct 2014


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