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'Let's Be Cops' Review: Diverting Is Not Enough

The cogs in the wheel of the plot that turn to get these guys into LAPD uniforms is actually pretty efficient. Everything else is pretty much boilerplate. Naturally, our fake cops get in over their heads with real bad guys and lie to The Love Interest (a fetching Nina Dobrev) and ultimately learn some life lessons. Overall, "Let's Be Cops" is just an exercise in wasting a promising concept. 15 Aug 2014

'The Expendables 3' Review: Best of the Bunch

For some reason (maybe because of that damned shaky-cam) 2010's "Expendables" hasn't worn very well -- and all I remember about 2012's "Expendables 2" is Chuck Norris popping up at odd times. "Expendables 3" is a major improvement over its predecessors and could have easily worked as a standalone. The story is impressively structured, the cast plays it straight, and the climax is a tremendously entertaining shot of action adrenaline. 15 Aug 2014

'The Giver' Review: Moving Cautionary Tale of America's Slippery-Slope Towards 'Utopia'

Deceptively packaged as a young-adult sci-fi adventure, director Phillip Noyce's "The Giver" is in reality a beautiful tribute to individualism, the human spirit and the sanctity of life. Based on Lois Lowry's 1993 novel, the author's allegorical warning about a society that chooses to be protected from conflict, hurt feelings, grief, and fear in exchange for a piece of our soul, is even more urgent 20 years on. 15 Aug 2014


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