'The November Man' Review: Brosnan Rises Above By-the-Numbers Spy Thriller

"The November Man" is fast-paced and certainly holds your attention. It is, though, terribly uninspired. A smart, serious pass just at the dialogue could've done wonders, as would a couple of action scenes set at 7 instead of 3 or 4. No one's expecting 007-level action from a $21 million budget. What was needed was an added layer of intelligence and suspense to the ones we got.
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Box Office: 'Sin City 2' Bombs, 'If I Stay' Collapses

Though the overall box office has been way down, Summer 2014 could at least brag about the fact that there had been no pricey box office bombs. Then August came along, the box office picked up, but now we have two pricey bombs: "Expendables 3" and "Sin City 2." 23 Aug 2014

'If I Stay' Review: Silly, Shallow, Precious Melodrama

Admittedly, I'm a guy and I'm nearing a hundred -- so feel free to dismiss this review. Do keep in mind, though, that this horribly uncool hundred year-old evil white male conservative had a lot of nice things to say about "The Fault In Our Stars," which is very similar (in a girly way) to "If I Stay." 22 Aug 2014

'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' Review: More of the Same and Better

Some who survived the previous Basin City bloodletting return. Some fresh troubled souls arrive. The "Matrix"-like sense of wonder that came with the hyper-stylized visuals of the original is gone. But thanks to a more grounded story and two fantastic villains, "A Dame to Kill For" is superior to its predecessor. 22 Aug 2014


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