Stand for Something this Election

“We’re watching out for you.” “We’re here to protect you!” The media loves using phrases like these, and other similar to tell us how important they are and how they will save us from any evil, real or perceived, that lurks in the darkness of our helpless little lives.

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While trying to tell us about “baby buggies that maim,” or “high chairs that injure,” they ignore the biggest threat to Americans.

The threat to our nation as it was founded.

In all the analysis of the Stewart/Colbert, so called, “Restoring Sanity” event in DC over the weekend the media ignore the fact that real answers were ignored. In fact, the media join Stewart and Colbert in relishing the beloved middle ground. It’s as if being devoid of values and principles is somehow revered. Fear? I'll show you fear. Complacency leads to legitimate fear when Liberty is at stake. Our Founders (remember them?) warned us of this often.

I say, stand for something. Standing in the middle of the road is standing for nothing. Vanilla is a flavor, but it doesn’t do much without being combined with something more palatable.

To figure out where you should stand, there must be a base, so as we talk about the partisan bickering in this nation, where should the base of our discussions begin? Can we agree that the base of our discussion should be our nation’s founding? Should it be the US Constitution? In fact, our Founding documents should be the beginning and end of the political discourse. There is plenty of room in-between for this discussion, but it should begin and end with our founding.

Case in point, in the Stewart/Colbert “Restoring Nothing” rally, how often were Constitutional values mentioned? I didn’t watch the entire event, I watched highlights and nowhere did I hear Constitutional principles mentioned. I’m guessing they were not. In fact, I’ll put odds on it that rarely, if ever, was the US Constitution mentioned in the great “Restoring Middleness” rally. Please tell me if I’m wrong, I don’t have the time or patience to watch the entire event.

Thank goodness our Founders were not purveyors of the middle ground. Patrick Henry did not say, “Give me Liberty or give me, uh, uh, give me a bottle of rum and I’ll get back to you next weekend.” Thank goodness George Washington did not stop in the middle of the Delaware. Thank goodness in 1775 a group of Marines created the Gadsden Flag with the snake and the words, “Don’t Tread On Me,” so that years later Metallica could write a song of the same name (that was a joke, Jon/Steven, if you want good material, give me a call.)

While Stewart/Colbert seem reluctant to talk about our founding principles what they do is even more insidious, they ridicule those who do. If our Constitution is not something that can be used as a basis for political discussion by the media, what is, pray tell? What somebody thinks is good? What Europe thinks is good? What the anchor on the evening news thinks is good? What the news producer thinks is good? What the guy on Comedy Central thinks is good? What is the basis for your beliefs, middle ground? When you talk of restoring sanity, whose version of sanity should we use?

Here’s some food for thought to Stewart/Colbert and those who loved the premise of their “Restore Limbo” rally, accept this as sane; our Founders built a nation that has become the greatest on the planet when its principles are lived. I have a lot of history on my side to prove that. They even devised a system to correct and change their plan when needed. They called for amendments and gave us specifics on how to do it. We’ve done it 27 times in our history and we can do it again. Let’s have a discussion about a Constitutional amendment to tie government spending into the GDP. Let’s have a discussion about adding healthcare to the Constitution (Democrats know they would lose that debate horribly, so they went another route to change our nation.)

Let’s have these discussions and keep them same and real. Breaking news: that’s all those on the right and those affiliated with the Tea Party really want. Should the Constitution not be the real middle ground for all of us, Democrat and Republican? If the Constitution is partisan, then I am partisan and so were our Founders. If you think discussions on the Constitution are partisan, then tell me who is making it partisan by ignoring that document today, the left or the right? Let’s use our Founding documents as the base for discussion in this nation. Sad thing is, right now those who have assumed the position of protector in our society are ignoring the principles and documents that were put in place to protect us the most.


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