'Tolerant' Huffington Post Publishes Bigoted Attack on Catholics

Last week The Huffington Post published Larry Doyle's  "satire" article "The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum." It's a disgusting piece of bigotry that's disguised as satire. I think Mr. Doyle should leave The Simpsons" and work on "South Park" where they perfectly nail satire every single week. I even enjoy their satire episodes on the Catholic Church. The best part about "South Park" though, is they are consistent and will go after everyone. No one is sacred.

I'm a Catholic. I converted in April 2006. When I went through RCIA I was amazed at how the Church was more than willing to admit their mistakes in the past. They're not perfect. Far from it! But they admit their mistakes. My teacher even told me he didn't blame Martin Luther for rebelling against the Church because they were corrupt. But that's not enough for people.

But let's dissect and refute Mr. Doyle's hit piece. He mentions the supposed "bloody jihads his [Santorum] so-called church has carried on for centuries." First off Mr. Doyle, jihad is an Islamic term. So while you try to make Catholics look bad by using the word you in turn just make yourself look like a bigger idiot because you're accusing the Catholic Church of waging a holy war on behalf of Islam. The key word is has, as in they're stillcarrying out bloody "jihads." Like I said, the Catholic Church isn't perfect, but taking a look into the Catholic past Mr. Doyle I couldn't find a single incident of them waging a holy war on behalf of Islam.

You know who is waging a holy war on behalf of Islam? Islam. I can think of a few very bloody jihads. Remember Osama bin Laden? Yeah, he declared jihad on America back on August 23, 1996. One incident, you may remember, happened on September 11, 2001. Shall I continue? I'd rather not. You may also remember Pope John Paul II. He went through so much to make amends for wrongs the Catholic Church did in its past. Thing is Islam is still waging a holy war on all non-Muslims and has been since before the formation of the Catholic church.

I also love how Mr. Doyle doesn't call us Christians. Here's some history Mr. Doyle: The Catholic Church was started by Jesus. The Protestants broke off from the Catholic Church. So yes we are Christians. Without the Catholic Church there wouldn't be Methodists or Lutherans. But we are all Christians because of Jesus. You do realize that the different sects of Protestants are, in fact different from each other. So do you think Methodists aren't Christian either because they worship differently than the Lutherans? How about Baptists? Anglicans? Presbyterians? Are they non-denomination Christians non-Christians too?

I find it incredibly disgusting Mr. Doyle called the church the "tactical arm of the North American Man-Boy Love Association." It's a shame the Catholic Church receives the majority of the press about child sex abuse because it does happen within other religions. EVERYONE who commits any kind of sexual abuse should be held accountable. The Christian Science Monitor has an article from 2002 with evidence child sex abuse is more prevalent in Protestant sects. Here are some snippets:

Despite headlines focusing on the priest pedophile problem in the Roman Catholic Church, most American churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant, and most of the alleged abusers are not clergy or staff, but church volunteers.

James Cobble, executive director of CMR, who oversees the survey, says the data show that child sex-abuse happens broadly across all denominations and that clergy aren't the major offenders.

Would Mr. Doyle please retract his disgusting statement because if you're going to say that about Catholics you better be prepared to say it about other religions. Quit acting like this only happens with Catholics. It happens everywhere. Are you going to condemn the others? Are the victims of that sex abuse not as important as the victims in the Church?

Mr. Doyle also calls communion a 'barbaric ritual.' Does Mr. Doyle realize that Jesus started this "barbaric" ritual? John 6:54-58 explains the Last Supper. Jesus says: "For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink." Catholics aren't the only Christians who take this literally. The Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox churches believe this. Many non-denominational faiths, such as those in the Church of Christ, follow this as well. They don't answer to Rome. They are NOT the same as Catholics. Therefore Mr. Doyle is wrong to imply only Catholics take this literally.

No Mr. Doyle our Pope was NOT a Nazi. He even links to Pope Benedict's Wikipedia page, which states that the Pope and his entire family could not stand Hitler. It also talks about Pope Benedict being drafted into the army and he deserted the army. See Mr. Doyle, Pope Benedict didn't join the army on his free will. He, among others, were forced to join the German army. The Associated Press had an article about his entire family defying Hitler.

Yesterday Mr. Doyle issued an explanation. It wasn't an apology. In fact, Mr. Doyle, if you meant it as way to go after Senator Rick Santorum then go after him instead of offending billions of ordinary people. (For the record I wasn't offended, just disgusted.) However, Senator Santorum only appears in the beginning of this explanation. The rest of the explanation involves only Catholics. Make up your mind Mr. Doyle. Were you going after Senator Santorum or Catholics in general? It sounds like to me you were going after Catholics as a whole and just used Senator Santorum as an excuse to launch the attack.

I found this interesting:

I won't say that Catholics need to lighten up or learn to take a joke, because the piece wasn't intended to be light-hearted or funny. It was satire, meaning... well, you can look that up. (It was probably a mistake to put it in the Comedy section; the editors wanted readers to know it was not to be taken literally.)

In other words it wasn't his decision to put it in the comedy section. I don't know about you Mr. Doyle, but to me satire is suppose to make you smirk or at least chuckle. This didn't do either. I did look up satire just to humor you (I have an English degree and satire is my favorite) and it is wit, irony, and sarcasm! Your piece was not witty or filled with irony. That wasn't sarcasm dripping off your words, it was hatred. You demonstrated the same bigotry of which you falsely accuse others. You should admit to your obvious hatred of Catholics instead of hiding behind the weak and inapplicable excuse of "satire."

Doyle goes on to say:

"It's traditional at this point for me to half-apologize, to say that I'm sorry if anybody was offended, but I really don't mind if anybody was offended. I hope they will now think twice before they question the faith of progressive Christians, or Mormons or Muslims. I doubt they will."

That's extremely hypocritical of you. You're so tough and brave for taking on the Catholics! Because NO ONE has ever done that. Will you ever take on the other religions? Would you ever dare write a satire piece on Islam? Cowardice doesn't lend well to such a criticism, so likely not.

For the record I really don't think Mr. Doyle should apologize. I love freedom of expression. I'm using my freedom of speech and expression to express my disgust at people like Mr. Doyle and The Huffington Post for writing and publishing such obvious articles filled with hatred and bigoted speech.

Doyle's lack of wit to properly execute satire is symptomatic of his lack of humor, not an indictment of Catholic humor.

Catholics aren't perfect. The Catholic Church isn't perfect. We know it and own up to it. You want to be original? You want to be edgy? Write a piece like this about Islam. Draw a picture of Mohammed. At least when you attack Catholics we don't go after you and murder you.


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