It's Not Just Republicans Receiving 'Evil' Koch Cash

In the 90s, Richard Scaife Mellon was the evil moneybags bogey man of the Left, the one who was bankrolling all the unwarranted attacks on Bill Clinton. As readers of this site know, the current bête noir of progressives are the Koch Brothers. The Kochs receive constant rhetorical attack from all fronts amongst the liberals.

Media Matters for America has taken it upon themselves to lead the attack on the charitable giving of these private citizens. Not only has MMfA been on the warpath, but the Obama administration itself has used the Koch brothers to scare potential Democrat donors into giving to Obama’s reelection campaign.

There is a deep, dark secret though, that has just surfaced, one that puts play to the liberal narrative of the Kochs as hyper partisan bank rollers of the extreme Right. It also highlights the rank ingratitude of Barack Obama and his administration.

While it is true that Koch Industries give more money to Republicans, they did donate to a large number of Democrats as well. As a matter of fact there were 10 Senate Democrats who received campaign contributions.

On the list of recipients of “tainted” Koch cash during the 2008 race? Barack Obama (D-IL) with $4,300, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) with $3,500 and Joe Biden (D-DE) receiving $500. Obama and Biden also got donations in 2006.

Will the Obama campaign apologize for their attacks on the Kochs? Will they say ‘thank you’? Will they return the money? Will they tell their trained attack dogs at Media Matters to lay off the people who helped fill the campaign coffers?

At the end of the day, the next time your local progressive goes off on a rant about the evils of David and Charles Koch, make sure you let them know exactly who has benefitted from their largesse and how their money corrupts. I’m sure it’ll help.


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