Media Ignores Not One, But Two Gun Walking Scandals

Could you imagine how the media would be if this happened under President Bush’s administration: Two gun walking programs directly linked to the vicious murders of two federal agents? Red flags waved after Sharyl Attkisson at CBS uncovered how the second gun used to murder Mr. Zapata was part of a separate gun walking program.

The gun wasn’t from Operation Fast & Furious. The gun was from another gun walking program. Why is Ms. Attkisson the only one reporting this story? I did a Google search on Jaime Zapata and received 10 hits on this story. Ten hits and none of them are considered mainstream media.

Even though Senator Charles Grassley and Representative Darrell Issa are asking questions the media is still not reporting it. We have two dead federal agents. These guns were purchased by straw purchasers. These guns were allowed to be purchased knowing they would land in the hands of drug cartels. These guns were used to murder federal agents. The suspects that murdered Mr. Zapata had been documented by the ATF with criminal activity, but they never took action.

So here are a few questions the mainstream media won’t ask:

  1. How many gun walking operations were and are still going on?
  2. Is information about other gun walking operations in the documents you refuse to release? Is that why you won’t release them?
  3. What was the criminal activity and how come you didn’t take action?
  4. Did you truly mean to “trace” the guns?
  5. Is this why you’ve kept the details of Mr. Zapata’s death limited?

When will our media actually talk about this? We have at least two known gun walking operations and each one led to the death of a federal agent.

I feel like we’re going in circles with the media and the Department of Justice. I suspect that Rep. Issa feels the same way. He appeared on “America Live “with Megyn Kelly yesterday and said the DOJ isn’t cooperating with them about Mr. Zapata’s death.

My colleague AWR Hawkins put it perfectly: ”For the Terry family and for the Zapata family, the truth behind Fast and Furious must be uncovered and those who planned it, oversaw it, and covered it up, must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” It’s the media’s job to keep these politicians honest and keep us informed. It disgusts me so much the media and the DOJ care more about their reputations than the deaths of these brave men who sacrificed their lives to keep them safe. What a way to say thank you!


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