Progressives Target Rush Limbaugh

When 30-year-old progressive activist and Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke appeared at a Democrat press conference last week (chosen specifically for the former, not that latter), she spoke of the “hardships” female students face in affording contraception. I call it a press conference because that’s what it was. The media calls it a hearing, but it was not, it was an event with no Congressional authority put together explicitly to put out a specific message. I put “hardships” in quotes because nearly everything said there was a lie, spin meant to give the leftist media talking points with a veneer of officialdom attached to it.

Like well-trained seals, the media and progressives drones who live to attack took their place in the outraged brigade. And they’re striking.

Progressives are pretending to be angry with Rush Limbaugh because he pointed out that Fluke, who was asking the government (READ: us) to cover the cost of her contraception, was essentially asking for a subsidy for her sex life. When he compared her to another group of people who require a “subsidy” for sex, prostitutes, and used the word “slut,” the Left saw their opportunity.

It’s noteworthy that progressives aren’t objecting to the sentiments Limbaugh expressed, they’re seizing on the words he chose to use to express them.

They focus most of their manufactured outrage on the word “slut.” It’s an old fashioned word meant in a derogatory way about people who sleep around with a lot of people. Considering where the culture has gone, it carries no weight and is routinely thrown around on just about every show on MTV as a badge of accomplishment or a term of affection. I’ve called male friends sluts because A) they were, and B) who cares?

It carries no stigma. If sexual promiscuity carried a stigma in society anymore, would Fluke, or any woman, go on CSPAN and beg for free contraception so she could have sex? No.

But the reality doesn’t fit the needs of the progressives who manufactured this issue in a desperate attempt to distract from gas prices, high unemployment, credit downgrades, surreal deficits and all other failures of the policies advanced by them and President Obama.

It has worked because the progressive flying monkey brigade in the media and online, those who sit around waiting to be outraged on behalf of others, waiting to protest, jerked into action and spread the lie like a cold virus on a cross country flight. It won’t work for long because conservatives are no longer passive observers of left-wing lies.

The recent death of Andrew Breitbart inspired millions to hear his message about left-wing media corruption and the need to fight it. And we won’t stand for it.

Sandra Fluke may or may not be a slut, but who cares? I care, and million upon millions of other people (READ: Customers) care that she wants us to pay more for health insurance so she can have sex without having to pay for pregnancy avoidance.

It’s ironic to see progressives, who just a few months about, proudly touted the empowering nature of “slut walk” protests now take umbrage with the word. It’s ironic to see MSNBC host Ed Schultz, who called radio host Laura Ingraham a “slut” and a “talk slut” because he didn’t like what she said (but still has a conga line of “respected” Democrats on his show) express outrage that Rush would use the word to describe someone demanding her sex life be financed by the public. It’s ironic to see Bill Maher, who has called conservative women more vile, genuinely sexist names than anyone can count, say he’s different because he doesn’t have sponsors, he’s on HBO.

These people don’t care that anyone called Fluke anything, they see an opportunity. That’s what people are to them – an opportunity to advance their agenda.

And none of this considers the constitutionality of what Democrats and Fluke want. The cost of a condom to the cost of the pill ranges between a dollar for one and about $30 per month (without insurance) for the other, nowhere near the $3,000 for three years Fluke claimed.

If you can’t afford that, but you can afford to attend a law school for $54,000 per year, you don’t need to be having sex because you’re already screwed in the priorities and the wallet. Not to mention that you can get condoms, and in many cases the pill, for free from community health centers already. But that takes effort.

It’s an effort Fluke isn’t willing to exert, and doesn’t want anyone else to exert. Screw everybody so she can screw anybody. I don’t know that there’s a better word than slut to describe that.

Some advertisers have dropped the Rush Limbaugh show over this, at least for now. Companies like Legal Zoom and Sleep Train Mattress Centers caved to pressure from the flying monkey brigade. Pro-Flowers, which I use (or at least used to, depending upon whether or not they cave), is considering their options. There will probably be a few more, but who cares? His apology will do little to nothing to stop it, either.

Where will they go? Progressive shows with no listeners? The Ed Schultz Show? They can throw money into a show whose host used “slut” as a personal attack, rather than to illustrate a point, with a fraction of the audience. But they have to advertise where customers are, and that’s Rush.

The people calling for boycotts aren’t listeners or customers, and we listeners and customers aren’t going anywhere. And we won’t be going to these companies that cave to lies and spin in the name of an agenda.

There was a time when conservatives would’ve taken this, just been silent. We used to take a punch and apologize for hurting the fist of the person who threw it. No more. We’re not going to take it anymore. You want to choose sides against us rather than remain neutral? You want to insult our beliefs in liberty and the Constitution? You want to side with those who would silence us? And you still want our business? HELL NO!

We aren’t your mother’s conservatives; we aren’t a sleeping giant anymore. We’re awake, we’re engaged … and we’re taking names.

PS - Remember when leftists were all about "protected sex"? What they are pushing for now, what they are encouraging, is the exact opposite of that. Have we cured AIDS? So why not encourage the use of condoms and not subsidize the pill? Aside from condoms being cheaper with the effective rate, they also help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Unless you view pregnancy as a bigger threat to women's health than AIDS.


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