Saving Soledad: CNN Writes Selective History of Derrick Bell

Has anyone ever before seen the corrupt media work so hard for so many days to push back on what they’re telling the world is a non-story?

For a "non-story," the media sure has used up an awful lot of ink, bandwidth, and airtime on what has now turned into 48-hour crusade to cover up the true history and words of a man our president publicly embraced as a 28 year-old Harvard law student.

But in the case of CNN's Soledad O'Brien, what's been used up is whatever was left of her credibility. In an unhinged fit of insufferable smug Thursday morning, O'Brien not only made a public spectacle of herself, but while she was aiming that smug directly at's Joel Pollak, we've since learned that she was covering up the fact that she's a huge fan of a huge fan of Louis Farrakhan's -- Professor Derrick Bell.

As Thursday rolled into Friday, CNN must have realized that O'Brien's very public flameout had gone viral and that she is now a public laughing stock. This is the only explanation as to why this 1500 word monstrosity popped up on the cable net's Web site yesterday. The writer is Tom Cohen and the obvious goal is to turn divisive racialist Derrick Bell into something closer to Dr. Martin Luther King.

The simple fact is that you can wrap as many words as you want around it, but nothing can ever turn Derrick  Bell into a noble crusader for racial equality -- because he was just the opposite. My colleague Dan Riehl put it about as well as anyone could:

Bell didn't only de-legitimize white critics based upon race, he de-legitimized his white liberals colleagues, as well, seeing them as incapable of being anything other than oppressors.

In a 1987 interview with the New York Times, Bell made clear that only Black Americans can understand oppression and racism. Moreover, Bell believed that white Americans have to "imagine" that "they are not oppressors."

''Even liberal white scholars have to imagine oppression, and have to imagine that they are not oppressors. Black people have stories and experiences that provide the basis not only for their lives but for their scholarship.'' Does he then consider it impossible for white scholars to understand and to teach on this issue? ''It's not that they can't, but they do face barriers to their ability to explain the reality of racism in America.''

Mr. Bell says he had other reasons to write the book. ''My wife says I spend my life trying to teach white folks. I'm not so sure I'm proud of it, but she's right. The other half of that is that I'm affirming what black folks already know is true.'' For all of his efforts, Mr. Bell is uncertain about the future of race relations in America. ''At some point America may actually be a land with opportunity and justice for all; it's not that now. [ Black Americans ] are the only people that understand that and are willing to say it.''

You need only switch the words "white" and "black" in Professor Bell's words to understand how divisive and racialist they are. And for some reason, in all of those 1500 words CNN spewed, this is never mentioned.

What this means is that you have to read CNN's alchemy of rationalization and obfuscation with the understanding that CNN isn't attempting to educate Americans about a sitting president's BFF, but instead attempting to rescue an anchor who made a complete fool of herself. And as is always the case with Obama's Media Palace Guards, the biggest sins at work here are the sins of omission.

Here's what you won’t read about Derrick Bell in CNN's attempt to put a paper bag over Soledad O'Brien's hyper-ventilating: This. This. This. This. Or, this.

Shall I go on?

Okay. How about this, this, this, and this.

Essentially, what CNN is doing here is a 1500 word version of Ben Smith's similar and similarly transparent attempt at a cover up. All on behalf of the MSM's Precious One.

The bottom line is this: If you want to understand just how corrupt and biased the media is, never forget that the same MSM that has no interest whatsoever in the words spoken by a man a sitting president asked us to open our hearts and minds to, is the same MSM that turned a rock that had been painted over decades ago on a property not owned by Rick Perry into a five-day feeding frenzy.

This is why citizen journalists must be vigilant in vetting this president, and anyone who would be president -- regardless of party.


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