MSM Assumed Toulouse Killer was "Right-Winger"

Until today, the New York Times described the Toulouse mass murderer as a "neo-Nazi", anti-immigrant, intolerant xenophobe who killed Jewish schoolchildren in cold blood, and who was planning to kill again.  Yahoo/AP fantasized that the Toulouse shooting deaths "were somehow inspired by anti-immigrant political talk," religious bigotry, and a "growing climate of intolerance."  The UK Daily Mail explained that most Frenchmen are historically anti-semitic, suggesting the French democratic system was to blame because it "encourages political extremism" as candidates "promote intolerance and pander to the bigotry of neo-Fascists."

After each terrorist incident, the Captain Ahabs of the MSM breathlessly announce they have sighted the elusive White Male who will finally confirm the media's meme of the "conservative white xenophobic male terrorist."   It's the media's single minded obsession to blame conservatives, and their speech, for the evils of the world. 

Call it the Media's Great White Hope.

Just as the great white whale Moby Dick was the personification of evil to Ahab, conservatives are the personification of evil to the MSM, and the MSM will never stop hunting.  The DC Sniper (Muslim) Jared Loughner (liberal druggie) or Times Square bomber (Muslim)--take your pick.  Each time there's a terrorist incident, the media breathlessly regurgitates ad nauseum FBI profiles or law enforcement surmise that the purpetrator is a white malcontent, possibly conservative, with potential links to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or even the racist tea party.

But as of this instant, with the Toulouse murderer, it appears the alleged gunman  is ... gasp! ... Mohammed, a Muslim with al Qaida ties who hates Israel.  Blogs are ALREADY pointing out the "discrepency" in the media's earlier reports.  Expect the MSM to bury this story along side the Times Square, Loughner and DC Sniper files now that the killer doesn't fit their narrative. As Ace of Spades notes, the media figured that, because the first deaths were Muslim paratroopers, the killer MUST be a right winger:

Oh: The reason the media was speculating cheerleading the idea he was a far-right ultranationalist was because his first three victims were French paratroopers -- Muslims.

Thus, they decided "He hates Muslims, he must be a right-winger."

So far the MSM has failed, but they remain undaunted and will doubtlessly hold to the narrative while keeping a wary eye open for the ever elusive Great White Male.


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