Media: "Kill Rush" OK, "Slut" Is Not

I don't know what offends me more: the hackneyed, drop D insipidness, the wannabe-Kittie/Phil Anselmo front woman, or the actual lyrics to "Kill Rush." Or maybe the media's complete refusal to acknowledge it? 

Myspace is still around for bands like the ironically named Detente, oh, excuse me, DÉTENTE (ne faut pas oublier l'accent Français!). A quick scan of their Facebook profile shows they formed around when I was in kindergarten, got a touch of secondhand glory by opening for bigger bands (like Megadeth) in those groups's infancy, and then those bands went on to actually, you know, write good music and sell records. Bands like this are why people hate metal, most of which is structurally complex and difficult to play well. DÉTENTE has scored the most attention they'll ever receive in their lives (sadly, none of it will translate to album sales) because of a song they've written called "Kill Rush." It goes like this:







It's the most reasonable response I can think of for when a man says that a woman's action would cause her to be called a "slut," and then apologizes for it later. 

Media Matters repurposed a three-year-old Limbaugh censorship/book burning campaign to try to drive the talker off the airwaves, when they're not distracted by calling for the censorship of everyone else with whom they disagree -- do you think they will take up a campaign to drive UUAAGH DÉTENTE off Facebook? Because surely chortling "KILL KILL" someone is beyond suggesting (and later apologizing for, don't forget!) that someone's behavior may be slightly sluttrified? That's just me using logic and reason, though. It may not yet be available in all areas, such as, for instance, the halls of the illustrious MMfA offices. 

Maybe corporate media would prairie-dog from obsessing over Fox and birth control inside their cubicles long enough to head-bang to this luscious apparent-death threat against a conservative? What if a z-list metal band created an-offensive-to-sound bass-slappin' anthem of fecal fantasy called "Kill Maddow?" Can you imagine the calls made, the editorials written, the sober statement about the "War On Women" from MSNBC? 

There is an upside: Miley Cyrus no longer bears the distinction of having created the stupidest progressive anthem of the year. Polite golf claps for that victory. 

*Photo courtesy DÉTENTE's Facebook page, not from "Rock'n'Roll Confidential."

Ed. Note: Why yes, I do horribly play guitar. The difference between me and my subject matter is that I know I'm bad at it.


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