Media Matters' Propagandist Can't Read Dates

Media Matters's Eric Boehlert took to Twitter last night to remind everyone why they're losing donors:

It was in response to my piece published last night on the media's choice to ignore the death threats against Rush Limbaugh by way of progressives' newest anthem, "Kill Rush."

Boehlert was too quick to spin without actually checking the facts. Let's look at the band's Facebook page:

Do you see that?

What's that date? March 6? Considering Facebook doesn't post the current year date, it's March 6 of this year, meaning just a couple of weeks ago. 

Still doubtful? Let's look at the band's Youtube page:

Eric was wrong on two counts: the song was posted to Youtube in 2011, NOT in 2010. Also, did you see that at the bottom?

They went back and tagged "Sandra Fluke" on their video. Boehlert's spin is that the video was posted in 2010 (it wasn't) and that it isn't in response to Limbaugh (they made it so). 

Boehlert won't correct what I have proven as his lies just now; he cares nothing for the readers at Media Matters which is why on his watch their traffic is tanking and they just lost a high-dollar donor

Just know that these are the propagandists writing the MSNBC show notes and helping the White House outline how to sell its agenda through the media. 

At the very least, Media Matters may want to hire a new Senior Fellow who can not only watch Fox News but also properly read dates. 


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