Gwen Ifill and PBS Join the Racial Mob With False Reference to Zimmerman as White

The mainstream media just will not give up in their efforts to fabricate racial motivations in the Trayvon Martin case, even when none likely existed. 

After media organizations were called out for initially--and falsely--"reporting" that George Zimmerman was white--Zimmerman is half-Hispanic and identifies as a Hispanic--the mainstream media started to refer to Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic," even though that term has rarely been used to describe people who are partly of Hispanic descent.

On Monday's broadcast of PBS's "Newshour," Gwen Ifill simply--and dishonestly--referred to Zimmerman as "white," trying to impose the false media narrative that Zimmerman was a "white" guy who racially profiled and shot an innocent black teenager in cold blood. 

Here is how Ifill described what happened on the night Martin was shot: 

"Martin, who was black, was on his way to a convenience store in a mostly white gated community when George Zimmerman, who is white, shot and killed him after a disputed altercation."

By erroneously describing the condominium complex where Martin was shot as a "mostly white gated community," Ifill makes Zimmerman, whom she falsely described as "white," seem more privileged than he is. 

The condos in Zimmerman's community sell for about $120,000, hardly making that complex anything close to the "gated communities" in wealthy enclaves like Bel Air or Beverly Hills, California.

Ifill then went on to note that, "Martin, who was carrying only candy and a soft drink, was discovered by police lying face down in the grass. Zimmerman was briefly taken into custody, but has not been arrested."

There was no mention of the police video that showed injuries to the back of Zimmerman's head--injuries which were also described in the police report that was filed that night. 

In the piece, Ifill also said, "The dispute over the killing of Trayvon Martin has sparked a national debate about race, justice, and when it is reasonable to act in self-defense."

Ifill is wrong. 

The dispute over the killing of Martin did not spark a national debate about race. It was the mainstream media, of which Ifill is a prominent member, that forced this national debate about race on everyone by desperately--through omissions, edits, and selective half-truths--trying to use the Martin tragedy as a way to advance their political agenda of getting their audience to see America as a nation of systemic racial inequalities and prejudices. 

Ifill has a history of being biased. 

She was writing a pro-Obama book during the 2008 election, and did not recuse herself from moderating the 2008 vice presidential debate. In 2010, Ifill joined her fellow liberals  in mocking Sarah Palin for telling conservatives and Tea Partiers not to "party like it's 1773" until conservatives dominated Washington, D.C. 

Liberals like Ifill, who mocked Palin, revealed they did not know that the Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773, as Palin correctly referenced.

Ifill's biased report on PBS can only leave objective viewers to scratch their heads and--to quote Ifill--say "ummm."


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