CNN Panelist Jay Thomas Fires off Anti-Semitic Email Rant

Jay Thomas, a left-wing talk show host, CNN panelist, and sometimes actor--used to be a legitimately likable presence on the big and small screen. But once he came out as a political pundit, so did his mean streak.

In his role as a pundit, I've never once seen Thomas behave in anything less than a menacing and bullying way when challenged on some political point. And one of his low points was this attack on our own Joel Pollak last March, in what proved to be a fruitless effort on Thomas' part to try and rescue CNN's Soledad O'Brien from her own career low point.

Obviously, Thomas is a man filled with no small amount of rage, and now an email forwarded exclusively to reveals that the hostile, ad-hominem racial attack Thomas launched against Pollak that morning was just the tip of the iceberg.

On Friday March 9, the day after the CNN segment aired, someone with the last name Morgenstein (we're only revealing the last name because it's relevant to the story) sent an email to Jay Thomas' agent to voice his/her complaints about his/her client's behavior, especially towards Pollak:




The agent then forwarded the email directly to Jay Thomas, and on Wednesday, April 11, a full month after the segment aired and the original email was sent, here's the nasty, insulting reply Morgenstein received from Thomas:



Note how Thomas singles out Morgenstein's Jewish last name and then immediately insults the writer with the claim that he is only "siding with" Pollak because they "have the same background."

In other words, "You Jews sure do stick together."

Then Thomas ignorantly assumes that Morgenstein's motives for criticizing him could only be based on some fantasy where Morgenstein was somehow damaged as a child after being bullied for being Jewish, and as a result grew up into a bigot who "decided to discriminate against others, as you were discriminated against."

The worst of this, though, comes at the end where Thomas makes a blanket charge that "Every kid I ever knew [who] was picked on…and there are a lot of 'Morgensteins' on that list, as soon as they got a little power they turn on those they should in fact embrace…"

Obviously, Thomas is using the name "Morgenstein" in place of the word "Jew," as though that somehow lessens his reprehensible and bigoted assumptions that Jews all think alike and if bullied as children will grow up into bigoted, self-loathing bullies. 

Boy, CNN and Soledad O'Brien sure can pick 'em.

In closing I would just like to point out how funny it is that a full month after being owned by Pollak on national cable television, Thomas is obviously still steamed over it. "Damn Jews, exposed my stupidity in front of the whole country!"


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