NPR's Inskeep: Bouquets for Maddow, Brickbats and Clichés for Goldberg

Five days after pushing back hard against National Review's Jonah Goldberg for his book contending that liberals impose a Tyranny of Clichés, National Public Radio Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep embraced MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and the anti-war arguments of her new book, Drift.

Here is how Inskeep attacked the central thesis of Goldberg's book--ironically, invoking a well-worn liberal cliché:

INSKEEP: Well, let's be fair. There are plenty of conservative labels that are applied on the rivals of conservatives. We could go back to the past administration: You're with us or against us; are you with America, or are you with the other guys?

And here's how Inskeep embraced Maddow's argument--which is that U.S. military spending leads to American wars:

INSKEEP: Although [President] Jefferson is such a funny example to choose in this issue, because he was a big proponent of limited government, until he actually became president of the United States and then used a lot of power, including looking over and realizing he still had a Navy, and he sent it over to whack a bunch of Barbary pirates. I mean, he went to war.

Inskeep not only accepts the central premise of Maddow's argument; he also takes it to an extreme, arguing that Thomas Jefferson only attacked the Barbary states because "he still had a Navy." In fact, the Barbary pirates attacked Americans, not the other way around.

Like many on the left, Maddow sees the military as just one more example of a privileged institution subject to expropriation and redistribution for the benefit of a war on poverty that never ends, and an ineffective "war machine"--in the form of the state bureaucracy--that is never decommissioned.

But unlike NPR and Inskeep, she's not trying to hide her bias.


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