CNN Contributor: Fast & Furious Deaths 'Collateral Damage'

CNN Contributor LZ Granderson thinks we shouldn’t be “nosy” about Operation Fast and Furious--that we don’t want or need to know the gritty details about the ATF's gunwalking operation. 

To Mr. Granderson an operation like Fast & Furious is "very American." After all, the ATF was going to trace these guns to take down the heads of the drug cartels.

Mr. Granderson forgets one tiny little detail. The ATF didn’t put in any effort to interdict the guns or even trace the guns. There’s video tape of ATF agents watching the straw purchasers walking out of the gun stores with a bunch of weapons. There were no tracers in the guns. The ATF even arrested their top suspect in March 2010 and let him go.

Guns were found at Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death scene on December 14, 2010. Guns have been linked to hundreds of deaths of Mexicans, including a brother of a Mexican state attorney general. Guns have been found at twelve crime scenes across America.

It’s apparent Mr. Granderson didn’t do a single ounce of research on Fast & Furious and instead just wanted to defend Attorney General Eric Holder.

When it comes to our safety here on our soil we have every right to be nosy.  Fast & Furious armed already extremely dangerous drug cartels, which has endangered American citizens.

But more importantly it’s about giving justice to Agent Terry and the Mexican victims.

(h/t @PatDollard and @Miss_Wisconsin)


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