Chris Matthews: Conservatives Want to End Minority Vote

On November 26, MSNBC personality Chris Matthews linked conservatives, who are unhappy with the results of the past election, to Hitler and the Nazis. He went on to claim that white men and Mitt Romney were really working to return our electoral system to the day when only white male landowners were allowed to vote.

Matthews explained:

But the notion that the free men of this country are white men of property and that is really what Romney ran on, white men of property. He didn't say it intellectually. I don't think he put it in any words. But look who he was rallying to as, you know, as, as, Howie just pointed out, that seemed to be the rallying cry. "Men of property, join together. Defend the wagon train against the onslaught of the others!" That seemed to be what they were doing in this campaign.

Romney didn't say this at all and neither did anyone else, but that doesn't matter to Matthews. 

It could be said that Romney's poor campaign was more a reaction to Obama's "you didn't build that" denigration of citizens that have more than they should. 

Later in the show, Howard Fineman claimed the GOP seemed to discount Obama's win because it was simply a lock that blacks and Hispanics would vote for Obama. Fineman said that there was an "extraterrestrial force out there of African-Americans and Hispanics" and that the GOP didn't feel these people were part of the country.

Acknowledging that he was about to head down this path, Matthews started his attack by saying, "these references are always dangerous, but I'll take it anyway." He went on to go for the Godwin violation that no sensible person would commit.

The last person to say that– and I hate to-- and this has no bearing on the Republican Party– and these references are always dangerous, but I'll take it anyway– The last guy to refer to the black auxiliary was Hitler. Anyway, thank you Rick Hertzberg and thank you– During the '36 Olympics, we had Jesse Owens and a couple other guys winning the Olympics and they were saying, "Well, they had their auxiliary out there."


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