NH Paper: Emotional Anti-Gun Attacks Against Sen. Ayotte 'Disgusting'

On May 1, the New Hampshire Union Leader stepped into the debate surrounding Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) by opining that she had handled the gun control vote "incredibly" and that the emotionally driven attacks against her are "disgusting."

According to the Union Leader, Ayotte faced opposition from conservatives before the vote because she opposed the filibuster route taken by Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX). Now she faces opposition from members of the left who are unhappy that she voted "no" once the gun control package came to the Senate floor.

The Union Leader says this widespread opposition only bolsters their position that Ayotte's vote was well-reasoned: "She reasoned that it would impose a hefty burden on gun dealers without producing a justifiable increase in public safety. For that the left has accused her of not caring about the deaths of children."

The Union Leader also pointed to Erica Lafferty's antics on the night of Ayotte's April 30 town hall meeting in Warren, NH. Lafferty's mother was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting; during the town hall meeting she asked why the well-being of gun dealers took precedence over her mother's life.

After the meeting Lafferty told news outlets that Ayotte's viewpoints were "disgusting."

The Union Leader responded: "No. What's disgusting is deliberately mischaracterizing someone's position for the purpose of portraying that person as a willing accomplice to murder."


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