Why a Level Playing Field Matters in U.S. Politics--and How the IRS Helped One Side


Tea Party , IRS Scandal

One thing that puts "progressives" at a disadvantage in these ongoing Obama scandals is that many of them admit they want the American federal government favoring the Left. Some of the more honest among them have said they have no real problem with the power of the federal government being used to suppress Conservatives since it tilts the political field in the correct direction.

The 2010 mid-term electionwas a big setback for the Left, as the Tea Party drove some real gains in turning the map red and denying Democrats total control of Washington. Progressives saw this as a mortal threat that needed to be reversed. The "glorious cause" could not be advanced as long as the Tea Party & conservative groups were allowed to grow and be a real electoral force.

In American electoral politics, the different sides make their arguments on a level playing field and then the voters decide. We have restraints on government to make sure it doesn't take sides in the electoral process. That level playing field is vital. It ensures a fair contest between competing political & cultural views.

But many Progressives actually see this as a defect that needs 'fixing'.


Chris Matthews was OUTRAGED that RNC Chairman Reince Preibus was invited onto MSNBC's Morning Joe program to share his point of view.  

Just like in news coverage where certain points of view don't deserve to be heard, in their mind the same is true of elections.

In many Progressives opinion, it is vitally necessary that the field be tilted to favor the Left. That ensures "progress" is never stopped.

After all, these Conservative groups are "racist" and they preach "hate." Why would anyone want a level playing field with those people?!


NAACP Chairman Julian Bond not only thinks the Federal Government cracking down on Conservative groups is a good thing, he's demanding MORE of it! 

Because they are supposedly so full of hate, racism & all, Conservatives don't deserve a level playing field, according to some Progressives.

At 1:14 in the video below, this man admits it's 'fine with [him]' if the federal government targets & suppresses the political activity of all those dangerous, racist, hateful conservatives out there:

And we've had a President who used everything but signal flags to sell this idea to many.


Obama set the tone. The IRS responded by attacking Conservative donors & groups.  

And here comes many in the media on the Left, on their TV shows and blogs, trying to minimize, downplay and dismiss what's happened. Ezra Klein wish-casted in the Washington Post last week that the scandals were "falling apart." 

Their hypocrisy could not be more stark. Had Bush done even one-fourth of what Obama did in going after press and lefty donors and groups, none of this minimizing and downplaying would be going on.


But in progressive minds, conservatives are the real danger. And the danger must be suppressed. You can't give conservatives a level playing field because too many people in America are too "stupid" to see how "dangerous" Conservatism is. On a level playing field, conservatives might continue to win elections! 

The story of the 2010 midterms was one of conservatives playing by the rules & shifting the electoral balance in their favor. Progressives responded by subverting & corrupting the power of the Federal Government to tilt the playing field right back in their favor.


The same time we were getting all those "The Tea Party is DEAD!" stories from the media, their government friends were prohibiting Tea Party growth.

Consider this question: had Tea Party and conservative groups been allowed to grow without delay or denial of their tax exemptions from 2010-2012, what effect would that have had on the 2012 election?

Tea Party growth and influence following those 2010 midterms gains were mostly halted in their tracks by federal bureaucrats corrupting government power to serve their own political ends.

Our entire American system of government is based on the ideal of neutrality in its dealings with political parties.  

Nothing less than the survival of American government is at stake here. That's why the IRS scandal matters. And that's why no effort must be spared in making sure this kind of abuse never happens again. 


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