NYT Posts, Takes Down Story About Women in Weiner Sexting Scandal


Anthony Weiner

On Monday, the New York Times mistakenly posted an article profiling some of the women involved in Anthony Weiner's infamous sexting scandal--and then promptly took it down.

The article by Michael Barbaro was titled, "For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers." On the page, a "production note" now reads, "An article was posted on this page inadvertently, before it was ready for publication."

Politico's Google news search found the article had started with the line, “Customers still taunt Lisa Weiss.”

Those words were followed by, “‘Talk dirty to me,’ they joke. ‘We know you like it.’ Colleagues still refuse to speak with her." The Google search also found this description of the article: “For those on the other end of Anthony D. Weiner’s sexually explicit conversations, the episode damaged careers, disrupted educations.”

Weiss was one of the women involved in Weiner's infamous sexting scandal, which was first exposed by the late Andrew Breitbart. Weiner sent her photos, and she allegedly even had a 30-minute phone sex session with Weiner while he was a member of Congress. 

Politico notes that Weiss, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, posted this comment in 2012 on Weiner's Facebook page on a photo of him with his wife and baby: “Please let me apologize again for any pain I caused your [sic] or the beautiful Huma ... It was unintentional … I still think you are our liberal hero and we need you back in politics!!”

Weiner, after denying his sexting escapades, ultimately resigned from Congress in 2011, vindicating the late Andrew Breitbart in the process. Weiner is now running to be New York City's mayor.


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