Jeantel Tells Radio Host She Wants to Be a Lawyer

Rachel Jeantel, the 19-year-old who was Trayvon Martin’s friend, who was the prosecution's star witness in the George Zimmerman trial, and who has now made numerous TV appearances, has revealed her plans for the future: she wants to be a lawyer. 

In a recent interview with Rickey Smiley, there was this exchange with co-host Ebony Steele:

Steele: So Rachel, in that, what, what, because, in one of the interviews last night I saw that, uh, they were talking about, of course, the past year and a half of your life has been a whirlwind. You have not yet completed high school but you want to do that so that you can go to college, correct?

Jeantel: Yes, I am.

Steele: And what do you want to major in?

Jeantel: Law enforcement. Or I’ve been thinking about an attorney, becoming an attorney. You never know.

Zimmerman has expressed a similar ambition.


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