Al Jazeera Airs Fake Egyptian 'Dead Protester' Video

It appears that Al Jazeera has been airing a staged "death" video of an Egyptian protester in its reports on the unrest in that ancient country.

In the same week that Al Jazeera launches its American network, Al Jazeera has been accused of bias in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood--the extreme Islamist group involved in acts of terrorism.

The faked "death" video shows a member of the Muslim Brotherhood lying on his back with a bandage around his head and his hand over his stomach. Under his hand a wide blood stain seeps into his shirt. The man lays unmoving and seemingly dead.

But when someone in the scene lifts the man's shirt to see his wound, it is briefly revealed he has no wound where all that blood sits. Then, suddenly the "dead" man raises up his left leg to obscure his stomach from the camera so his lack of wounds cannot be seen.

Fake "death" videos are a cottage industry in the Mid East. In 2012 CNN used a staged casualty video in its coverage of a clash in the Palestinian controlled areas.

In another even more famous case, news agencies throughout the world used the fake video of the death of a little Palestinian boy supposedly named Muhammad al-Dura. The shocking video showed the little boy being shot by the Israeli military. Over time the video was proven to be a fake. Before the truth emerged, however, media across the world used the clip as proof of the evils of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

This isn't the only time that Al Jazeera has been accused of giving favorable coverage to Egypt's Muslim brotherhood. In July a large contingent of its own staff resigned over the network's bias in favor of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera America launched on August 20 with a promo video featuring Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain.


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