Tim Wise 'Cracks The Code': Everything Conservatives Say Is Racist

MSNBC brought on "anti-racism activist" Tim Wise, and what resulted from the interview was so bizarre Noah Rothman at Mediaite had to take MSNBC to task for it. 

Note during the video that Wise claims that the Republican party is segregationist, just like the old white Afrikaner Boer party that ruled South Africa in the days of apartheid.

You may not recall any GOP Senators or prominent party members calling for a return to segregation or insisting on openly racist laws that favor whites over blacks. That is because there have not been any. How then can Wise make this claim?

It's simple: Wise says he has cracked the GOP's code. He is so brilliant and perceptive, he was one of the first to realize that Republicans hide their true colors from the rest of the public by using certain key words to conceal their racism.

"Golf," "Chicago," "NBA," "Vacation," "Lazy"; These are all secret racist code words, or "dog whistles".

If you watched MSNBC's coverage of the presidential race last year, you saw plenty of examples of hosts like Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes fervently going over every statement by Romney and other GOP members, asking each other, "Is this a new dog whistle? What do you think? Are Republicans using this as a new code word?"

Some examples:


Tim Wise is the guy who taught Matthews and other progressives that literally everything Conservatives say is actually racist code. Wise also falsely accused Andrew Breitbart of being involved in a cross-burning that occurred on the lawn of Breitbart's fraternity at Tulane University. Wise later backed away from the accusation when it became clear he had no evidence to back his claim and that Breitbart had actually been the sponsor for the black pledge to the fraternity that the cross-burning was believed to be targeting.

Those evil Conservatives are gleefully communicating their racism, but they're being *wink-wink* clever about it by using agreed-upon code words.

This is why we get the spectacle of liberals saying openly racist things, like Harry Reid exclaiming what a "clean" black man Obama is, and progressives leap to excuse what he said. Then these same people will turn around and hold every statement made by Republicans under a microscope and insist to each other they have "cracked the code" and now can reveal the secret racist meanings of just about anything any prominent non-Hive member says in public.

And it all traces back to those evil racist motives. It is a way to de-legitimize political discourse. Because "hate speech" doesn't belong in the public square, and they claim whatever you say is "hate speech" because of their wonderful code-breaking ability, why then your views are extreme and need to be driven out of sight.

In fact, what Wise has done is taken a vicious subjective prejudice that ascribes the worst motives possible--racism--to his political opponents and declared it to be an accurate diagnosis of everything that motivates them.

This tactic allows progressives to drape themselves in the mantle of a "Hero" who is fighting "Ultimate Evil" in the form of evil racists who want to destroy black people. It legitimizes the role-playing they want to be able to do, so they do not even seriously question what Wise is saying.

This is why discourse with progressives often gets so heated. They are role-playing a fantasy in which they are combating Ultimate Evil. Why would you hold back when fighting Ultimate Evil? Ultimate Evil deserves no quarter! 

What results from this is a Republican who thinks he is discussing policy differences with an opponent who has a solution that simply will not work, while the Democrat thinks he is trying to save civilization from the New KKK.


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