Daily Beast: Female CO Senator's Recall May Succeed Thanks to Democratic 'Boys' Club'

The Daily Beast suggested Monday that if Colorado state senator Angela Giron loses in the coming recall election spurred by gun control legislation, it could be because the state's Democrats are not zealous to defend a woman.

According to author Ben Jacobs, a political insider claims there has long been tension between Giron and the local Democrat Party because she crashed what was otherwise "a boys' club." This source insinuates the party will not stick its neck out for her because she is expendable: "at the next election [in 2014], they can just put in another Democrat."

Additionally, Jacobs writes people may vote against Giron because of her "support for water rights and renewable energy." 

However, Giron's opponent in the coming recall, Republican George Rivera, sees this as an election focused on guns and gun rights. While Giron cites the 1999 Columbine shooting as justification for supporting gun control in 2013, Rivera responds by saying, "Gun control is not an effective way to deal with terrible things that have happened involving weapons."

Rivera does not believe guns are the problem. Rather, he believes a breakdown in society is to blame and "people with evil intent are going to do evil things regardless" of whether more gun laws had been passed or not. 

Gun control will be the central issue when the recall elections take place on September 10.

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