Pelted by Cricket Balls: Finally a Piers Morgan Video Worth Watching

Cricket is indecipherable to most Americans. But there is at least one reason to appreciate the British game after CNN's Piers Morgan was confronted with famed Australian "bowler" Brett Lee and came away battered and bruised as a result.

The Cricket bowler--what we would call a pitcher here in America--tosses a hard, rubber cricket ball at speeds up to 80 miles per hour at the batter who is supposed to smack the thing into the field. But during his visit to Melbourne, Morgan could only manage to become a battered, falling down mess as one of Australia's best known cricketers faced him.

Morgan has been taunting-or as cricketers say he "sledged"--the Aussie cricket team for months until the challenge was issued for him to face Brett Lee, one of Cricket's fastest bowlers.

The famed bowler was merciless, too. His very first hurl slammed into Morgan's chest leaving a heavy bruise. The CNN talker powered through that one though, and continued taunting the bowler.

"Didn't feel a thing," Morgan gamely quipped.

The second throw sent Morgan reeling backward, but he declined the service of the team doctor who was on hand just in case.

After one particularly brutal throw, Morgan ended up on his back.

Throughout, the CNN host never managed a single hit.

Afterward, Morgan Tweeted a list of the injuries he received at the hands of the Aussie bowler.

Morgan tried to joke and smile through the ordeal, but a cracked wrist isn't anything to joke away.

So, if you always wanted to see Pierce Morgan beaned by cricket balls, here is your chance.


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