NY Daily News Blamed America for Sandy Hook Just as for Santa Barbara

Following the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary the New York Daily News (NYDN) ran a cover page blaming America; following the May 23 shooting deaths of three people in Santa Barbara, California, it has done the same thing.

On March 20, 2013, the NYDN ran a cover page bemoaning the fact that Congress was not passing Senator Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) 'assault weapons' ban in the wake of the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The caption of the cover read: "Shame on U.S. – Assault-Weapons Bill is Dead"

On May 26, three days after Elliot Rodger shot and killed three people in Santa Barbara, Newseum shows that the NYDN ran a cover bearing the caption:

His family saw ALL THE SIGNS of a son ON THE EDGE, but cops said he was fine. He BOUGHT HIS GUNS LEGALLY. The NRA would've called him a MODEL gun owner. And then he became a MASS MURDERER.


This is how the left sees our country.

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